Social Media for Brisbane Businesses Explained

On-line social media has totally revolutionized not only the way that people interact with each other, but more importantly the way that customers interact with business interests.

With more than 800 million users world-wide, Facebook on its own is a gargantuan marketing body, with many others like Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and Linkedin. While there is much media hype and hysteria, social media sites have -in the most basic sense- altered the way that all kinds of business with a public presence will operate, and are now as necessary to businesses as an email address and a website.

But along with all the obvious differences that social media has made to the marketing environment, it is crucial to gain a realistic assessment of its capabilities and results.

Sadly, with any kind of new marketing bandwagon comes a multitude of dishonest or ill-informed fly-by-night firms and “social media experts” that prey on naïve businesses by over-hyping the potential and under-delivering.

Many millions of dollars and incalculable time is wasted on useless social media ventures every day. But social media is not magic. Without solid marketing and business fundamentals behind you, a social media presence can only fail and -depressingly- be a waste of time and money.

Despite hyping the impression of ’no-cost’ advertising with ‘zero’ start-up and/or hosting fees, social media must have a constant presence, fresh content and site maintenance in order to be successful, and that demands valuable time that many businesses simply can’t spare. This is where Social Media Brisbane offers to do all the work for you, while welcoming room for oversight and approval by their clients.

Examples of how people often go wrong with social media include:

• Bad Content
Uninteresting or even stolen articles, out-dated suggestions, and terrible attempts to be current are common regarding what is published online. People who do business on the internet are quite shrewd, and will recognise smarm and condescension from miles.

• Impatience
Building a good online social network takes time and perseverance. A successful network won’t just sprout up in a snap, you need time and content to see results. Some businesses will start up a social media profile, watch the results for a month and then quit in annoyance when they don’t get the results they hoped for.
This also ties into:

• Consistency
Spacing out your content on a regular basis across several platforms is far better than using all of your content up at once or not updating at all. Nobody likes a spammer, but with the overload of information that we receive all the time, if there isn’t a consistent reminder of your brand’s presence you will quickly be left behind. Even only a weekly update can be beneficial for maintaining and developing relationships with customers.

The team here at Social Media Brisbane know exactly how social media operates, and deal with it as a interrelated part of a company’s marketing strategy rather than the only important thing.

We also integrate revolutionary Search Engine Optimisation procedures into our work, something that no other social media group offers.

Choosing consultants that value gimmicks over content and that throw around buzzwords like “viral” or “Web 2.0” instead of offering strategy and results can simply end up as an exercise in frustration.

If you are looking for a social media consultancy based in Brisbane, contact the Brisbane SEO Company today on 3166 9622.