Social Media for Brisbane Businesses Explained

On-line social media has completely changed not just the way people interact, but essentially the way that clients deal with businesses.

With more than 800 million people using the internet worldwide, Facebook alone is a gargantuan marketing body, with many others like Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. Although we are subject to much media hype and hysteria, social media sites have -in the most basic sense- altered the way that all types of company with a public presence will operate, and are now as necessary to a business as an email address and a homepage.

But with all of the obvious changes social media has brought to marketing, it is necessary to gain a realistic assessment of its capabilities and results.

With any kind of new marketing bandwagon comes innumerable shonky or impractical firms and “social media experts” who focus on new businesses by over-hyping and being unable to deliver.

Millions of dollars and an immeasurable amount of time is completely wasted on useless social media ideas every day. But the key to remember is that social media is not magic. Without good marketing and business fundamentals behind you, an online social media presence can only fail and -depressingly- be a waste of time and money.

Despite hyping the misconception of “free” advertising with ‘zero’ start-up and/or hosting fees, social media needs a continual presence, site maintenance and fresh content to show good results, and that demands valuable time spent on it that many companies can’t spare. This is where Social Media Brisbane can do the work for you, while encouraging for approval and oversight by clients.

Examples of where companies often go wrong with social media include:

• Bad Content
Dull or even stolen articles, out-dated suggestions, and terrible attempts to be hip are all too common when it comes to what is published online. Be real: people on the internet are perceptive, and will recognise insincerity and condescension from miles.

• Impatience
Building a strong online social network takes time and persistence. A successful network will not spring up in a jiffy, it takes time and content in order to grow. Often a business will create a social media profile, watch the results for a couple of weeks and then quit with anger when they don’t get the results they expected.
This also ties into:

• Consistency
Spacing out your content on a regular schedule over multiple platforms is far more effective than using up all your content at once or not updating at all. Nobody likes a spammer, but with the overload of information that we encounter all the time, if there isn’t a steady reminder of your brand’s presence you will very quickly be forgotten. Even only a weekly update will do wonders for sustaining and increasing relationships with customers.

We here at Social Media Brisbane are experienced and know exactly how social media operates, and treat it as a cohesive part of your marketing strategy rather than the only important tactic.

And most importantly, we also integrate revolutionary Search Engine Optimization methods into our work, something that no other social media group offers.

Choosing consultants that value gimmicks over content and who endlessly throw around buzzwords such as “viral” or “Web 2.0” instead of showing strategy and results will simply end up as an exercise in frustration.

If you are looking for a social media consultancy based in Brisbane, contact the Brisbane SEO Company today on 3166 9622.